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Helmonds Muziek Corps is a community ensemble based in Helmond. It was founded on October 15, 1883 as the company brass band of the Royal Dutch Machine factories E. Begemann. Initially, its intention was to provide a useful spare time activity for factory workers, but gradually Helmonds Muziek Corps developed into the wind orchestra it is today: a close group of musicians who are committed to playing good music.


Helmonds Muziek Corps consists of several orchestras (click on the links for more information):

  • The  junior orchestra (‘Piep’ orchestra) for those who have just started to learn to play a wind instrument. Here, they take their first steps towards playing in a group.
  • The Youth orchestra for (young) musicians in training.
  • The wind orchestra (‘harmonieorkest’) for skilled / more experienced woodwind and brass players and percussionists.
  • The Youth Percussion Ensemble (JES ‘Jeugd Ensemble Slagwerk’) for starting percussionists.
  • The Percussion Ensemble (‘slagwerkensemble’) for more advanced percussionists.

Helmonds Muziek Corps aspires to play in the highest division of the Royal Dutch Music Organization (KNMO). For example, our wind orchestra won the national championship in March 2004 and our percussionist ensemble won second place in the second division of the World Music Contest 2022.

Helmonds Muziek Corps does not only perform in music halls. Our characteristic red uniforms can also frequently be seen in the streets of Helmond. For example at the arrival of Sinterklaas, the annual carnival parade and the bi-annual serenade day. It goes without saying that our 140-year anniversary, which we will celebrate in 2023, will not go unnoticed by the people of Helmond.



Helmonds Muziek Corps is a flourishing orchestra not only musically, but also from an organizational point of view. A great number of volunteers make an effort to keep the orchestra running.

Helmonds Muziek Corps (HMC) is managed by a board and various committees. Additionally HMC is supported by the Stichting HMC Voorzieningenfonds and the Stichting Huisvesting HMC/TOV. Finally, HMC has a dedicated honorary board consisting of about forty members who help the orchestra with their expertise and knowledge.

Although Helmonds Muziek Corps has reached the respectable age of 140 years, it is still a flourishing orchestra. We hope that not only the members of the orchestra but also the public will be able to enjoy its music for a long time to come.



Are you interested to learn more about HMC, or perhaps want to join us?

Use the contact form (info@helmondsmuziekcorps.nl) or pay us a visit during our rehearsals (in TOV-gebouw (Azalealaan 42, Helmond):

  • Tuesday 19:30 – 22:00 for the wind orchestras
  • Wednesday 19:30 – 22:00 for the percussion ensembles